Back to the States






I left Japan on January 14, 2011. That was an interesting experience traveling with all my belongings, my laptop, my medical records and I had to hand carry my x-ray films as some of them they were not able to get on CD, including the MRI films of my foot (also another medical issue I was having) which I kept on the plane with me. What fun that was carrying those through the airport terminals! I always love traveling back to the states as then I can gain a day going back; you can leave and then arrive on the same day.

The flight from Haneda to Narita was pretty uneventful as I slept most of the way. However, the flight from Narita, Japan to Los Angeles, California was not pleasant as I was in the middle seats; I really hate those seats as you have to climb over everyone to get out when you need to. Getting through customs in LAX terminal was a total nightmare. The line in customs was extremely long and by the time I got through, I only had five minutes to spare before boarding my next connecting flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. Was that ever a full flight! Note to self: Never, never fly and go through LAX terminal; that has got to be the worst airport terminal ever created. When we have traveled back from Japan many times before, they have always given us flights going through San Francisco. Why, oh why did they have to send me through LAX? I was glad when my travels were finally over and happy to be surrounded by family during this difficult time. I must have looked a sight as I just felt totally drained with jet lag by the time that I arrived!