No Regrets

Every journey is one that is full of many different discoveries. What I am finding and learning as I continue along this path is that there have been people in my life that I have lost and some of those even recently in which I missed out on opportunities to tell them everything that I wanted to. You know there are those times when life gets away from you because our lives can get so busy and you think to yourself, Oh I’ll have time to do that later; however, that later sometimes gets swept out from under you before you know it.

What I want to place my focus on right now is to ensure that the important people in my life and those who have had an effect on my life in one way or another know how I feel as I don’t want to live my life with regrets. So if you feel compelled to call that friend or those important people in your life, don’t ever hesitate or think that you will have time tomorrow or the next day because that precious commodity that we call time can often be gone before we know it. Listen to and follow up on those inner promptings. Sometimes even a simple gesture such as a smile or laugh from a friend can be that very thing that uplifts their day! Don’t let yourself lose out on those missed opportunities to let people know how you feel as no one wants to have a life full of regrets!