Throughout the end of March and beginning of April 2013 I have been involved with different activities for the PFCC at UCH. The first of which being involved with OR training involving the PFCC. I have been able to give some feedback to nurses and other health professionals who work in the OR and I have been able to relate my own OR experiences and giving them feedback on what is and what is not helpful all from the perspective of a patient and what they can do to improve the patient experience. Going through surgery can be a different experience each time, but when you have health professionals that can ease your fears and make you as comfortable as possible it is a great help.

In addition, the hospital is also going through a major transition adding on an additional inpatient tower. Some really amazing things are happening at UCH with the addition of the new tower. They’ve installed new equipment, patient rooms and I’m just so impressed with the improvements that this is going to provide to patients. With that being said, they have had volunteers giving safety tours to the hospital staff on all the various floors so they are aware of where everything is and so I have been involved with that as well. I have mostly been giving tours of the surgical floor and the Neuro ICU. The new patient waiting room for surgery is such an improvement over the old one, with much more privacy and they now have consultation rooms where surgeons can discuss cases with the families in a more private setting.


Now it is March 2013 and the drug company that manufactures the thyroid drug Levoxyl, which I am taking decides to recall the drug. This feels like I have just been thrown under the bus! I have been taking that drug for the last eight months with better results on my levels and I have felt better taking it versus the generic brand. So now due to the recall they will not be manufacturing the drug until mid-2014. Now, my endo is switching me to Synthroid, so we’ll see how that pans out and what side effects I get from that. One thing that concerns me is that I worry that the effects of changing meds again will push my heart rate back into overdrive again. I will have to deal with getting the right dosage once again and it’s like we are starting all over again. This is the most frustrating part of dealing with thyroid cancer. It is a roller coaster ride of getting on the right dosage of the meds without having too many side effects from it. It seems like a never-ending cycle, just when things are going good something jolts everything out of whack and it feels like you are back at square one. Time will tell and I just really hope that it all works out for me and that I can stay suppressed without too many effects from it and something that I can deal with.

Anniversary Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

Tomorrow, March 11, 2013, marks the two year anniversary of the devastation which has affected the beautiful country of Japan. This day brings with it a flood of emotions. I am so amazed at the resilience of the people of Japan and how they have picked up the pieces and have come back stronger than ever before imagined! They are a very humble people and I am grateful to know that I have lived in their country and they teach us what it really means to conquer and overcome! Oh, how I miss Japan and its people and I have a special prayer in my heart today for these wonderful people and all those who have been affected by this notable day!