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One main goal of mine is to bring about awareness of this cancer. I have recently met with folks from Memorial Hospital Foundation and they do annual events to raise funds for cancer patients. All funds raised from the events goes to help cancer patients with whatever financial needs they may have. In July 2013 they held their annual “Circle of Hope” Classic 10k run in Colorado Springs. This is an event done in conjunction with the Grand Prix running club and my husband supported me in my efforts by completing this 10K run. Throughout this event I believe I was able to help raise awareness of Thyroid Cancer and if I could affect even one person to be aware of this rapidly growing cancer I feel that is success; if you touch one person’s life it can then result in a trickle effect of many more becoming aware!

Follow-up Testing

It is now July of 2013 and time for testing once again. Every time I come up on follow-up testing I always worry and wonder are they going to find something more, is the tumor marker going to rise? It is a hold your breath and wait for it……wait for it…..moment which feels like it has no end. You go in and get the tests and then have to wait for the results. I think that is the most nerve wracking part of it all being kept in limbo not knowing whether it is good or bad. The fortunate thing is that with the hospital system at UCH you have automatic access to your medical records so you can see the lab results online and don’t have to wait for the phone call from your doc. Best invention ever designed with the patient in mind. The result for the lab work is fairly quick; however, results from ultrasounds and scans takes a bit longer. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful docs that are on top of everything and usually call me fairly quickly with my scan results so I don’t wait too long.

The results are in – absolutely no growth of my existing nodule! The nodule has stayed the same exact size since the last ultrasound. Yeah for me! So I am celebrating and doing the happy dance! How I would long to hear those words cancer free, but I really don’t think that will ever happen in my lifetime; I’m not even sure that it’s possible, because with thyroid cancer the likelihood of recurrences are so high. However, I am really grateful for those stable results; stable is good given the other alternative of it taking a nose dive and having the increased risk of more cancer cells growing and multiplying.

My TSH level is slightly above where I really need to be to keep those cancer cells from waking up and so we are going to try and raise the dose of Synthroid on a trial basis and hope that it doesn’t push my heart rate back into overdrive again. Time will tell how my body will react and I’m hoping that all will be well and that I don’t have side effects from the dose increase. Currently, my Tg marker has gone up from 0.4 to 0.5 which is not a significant rise and seems to be holding steady. However, if my Tg does rise significantly and there is an increase in the nodule size, Dr. Song tells me we’ll need to have a serious discussion on attempting to go back in to find this blasted cancer, which would mean another surgery. That is a conversation I really don’t want to have and hope that we never have to come to that point EVER!