Further Testing

Now it is March 2012 and so they scheduled me for the ultrasound and the follow-up appointment on the same day. Dr. Song stated that preliminary results showed nothing significant, however, that stinking nodule is still present! In addition, I also had to prep for a whole body I-123 scan, so now back to the wonderful LID once again. However, I was afforded to be able to use Thyrogen which is a drug that is used so that you don’t have to withdraw off of your thyroid meds and something which became my best friend! A much better process as I really didn’t want to go through that hypo hell again! It was a three-day process where you receive injections on day one and two, and then they do the scan on the third day. So, I had to travel to Denver three days in a row and I think by now I could do that drive with my eyes shut! The scan showed no uptake; being that I have a known metastatic nodule still there it should have lit up like a damn Christmas tree! It was then explained to me that they wanted to watch and wait to see if the nodule shows any further growth and so I would have another follow-up neck ultrasound in August.