Wow, did I ever speak too soon with the increase of the Synthroid! It is now six weeks later and my levels are way too high; no wonder I have started feeling so horrible! I can’t seem to get my levels right. One dose is too low and another is way too high. It makes me wonder if I will be one of those patients that can never get their levels right – this can be so frustrating! Moreover, I am just grateful that I have an endo who doesn’t just look at numbers, but also takes into consideration into how I feel; since we switched to the Synthroid I just have not felt well and have had many different issues – I have had the fatigue again, a lot of joint and muscle pain and major brain fog. So now we are going to try a different brand by using Tirosint. I have talked with many people who have had positive results and feel so much better, being that they had to switch from Levoxyl as well. The thing with Tirosint is that it is pure gel form and doesn’t contain any filler’s which I think is a major problem for some people as they don’t respond well to it and have many issues because of it. I really love the fact of how open my endo is to new ideas and doing those things that will be of benefit to me and helping me to have a better quality of life.


Well it is that time of year when summer ends and kids are back in school and after a nearly three-year hiatus I am back to working once again. I have started working for the local school district working with special needs children again. It is such a wonderful feeling to be back doing what you love and I didn’t realize just how much that I missed it! These children have such amazing sweet spirits that can accomplish more than what they are given credit for.

Awareness Month1

With that being said it is also Thyroid Cancer Awareness month. The history behind this awareness month is that it is a “worldwide observance, sponsored and initiated by ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association which began in 2000 as a week in September and then in 2003 was expanded for the whole month of September. Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month promotes thyroid cancer awareness for early detection, as well as care based on expert standards, and increased research to achieve cures for all thyroid cancer. People and organization in 56 countries around the world take part.

As a thyroid cancer survivor, it is my mission to spread awareness and to help others in their own journey with this disease. My hope is that this blog will get the word out about thyroid cancer, survivorship and much more. Tips which can help you to spread the word are by taking a look at ThyCa’s link on how to help: