destination background


Why are we all here at this exact moment of time and do we each have a divine destiny? Life is a journey that affects each person differently and is filled with many lessons, hardships, and joys and moments that lead us to our final destination. There are many roads which one travels in getting there – sometimes it is easy and other times we will encounter many difficulties and challenges. These challenges will test our courage, strength and faith.

I have had my share of challenges throughout my life, but the one which has had more of a lasting impact on me is the challenge of facing cancer. Everyone’s cancer journey is different, but by sharing your experiences you just never know how it may help someone down the line. I am here to share my story and hopefully it can help someone to know that they are not alone and that others are out there who have been where they are in their journey, those who can provide a ray of hope and know that they can get through this and be called a survivor!