Arriving in Colorado

Fast forward to 13 Sept which was the day we arrived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I remember the day well as we were slowly coming in on the tarmac, it hit me hard – we were never going back to Japan! I cried and hid my tears from my family as they were busily trying to gather their belongings. Wow, I didn’t know it was going to hit me that hard! I guess being in one place that long really tugs on your heart all the friendships that we made over the years. That is now the close of another chapter in my life, it is just so hard to move on, but now I know that I have to keep an open mind and open the new doors which are awaiting our family.

We stayed for one night in a hotel on Fort Carson and was moved to another hotel rather quickly as the hotel on the base was horrible, almost nothing worked. Although we were at a hotel that was close to the airport and was a bit of a distance from the base, it was a much nicer hotel and glad that we went there. We spent the next three months in that hotel trying to find a house. We put in a bid on an older home and really glad that one fell through as we found a home that I just absolutely fell in love with. The backyard was not finished and we had the builders landscape the area as we did not want the headache and chore in having to do it ourselves; that was well worth the investment! I am sure our realtor was glad that we finally found a house that was going to work for us; I’ve never looked at so many houses before. This was our first home purchase and we were really excited about it all. The minute we signed those closing papers was such a happy day for me as I was glad to leave behind hotel living and I really don’t care to stay in another hotel for a long time to come!

Transition Time

We left Japan and arrived in Utah on Sept 6, 2011. I needed a six month follow-up with my surgeon. During the move I had a real bad sinus infection once again and Dr. Bentz, being the awesome doc that he is, gave me some meds to clear up the sinus infection. When I told him we were moving to Colorado he did offer me the name of a cancer surgeon in Denver, Dr. John Song and an ENT Sinus specialist, Dr. Todd Kingdom as well, both were in the same practice. Unfortunately, it would just not be logistically possible to keep my care with Dr. Bentz as much as I really wanted to, as he has been so good to me. Everything else looked fine with my neck, so we thought!