Results and Biopsy

A week after I had the neck ultrasound I went back for the results, which was on November 15, 2011. At first, my thoughts were what if they find something or that there is further spread? My husband said that we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Little did we know that bridge was staring at us point blank! There was a suspicious nodule found right near my left laryngeal nerve where they couldn’t remove it all. I was floored! So the next step was to set up the biopsy to determine if this was in fact a metastatic nodule. I had the biopsy on November 30, 2011 and grateful that my husband was able to come with me for that appointment. The interventional radiologist that performed the biopsy was really amazing. At first I could hardly feel it, and then there was a lot of pressure as the nodule was very close to my trachea. They only had to do a few needle passes and then had adequate tissue and the pathology team was right there in the room as well.

On December 6, 2011, I came back to obtain the results of the biopsy and I received the devastating blow from Dr. Song. It was confirmed that the nodule was metastatic papillary. Then the what if’s started playing in my head, what if I had seen Dr. Bentz sooner, what if I had seen my PCP earlier than I did and then maybe it may have not been so far advanced, or what if we had waited longer to do the RAI ! I could not believe that I was dealing with a recurrence in less than a year’s time. It was only nine months since my TT and four months since RAI. Why did the RAI not work? Dr. Song offered me two options – neck dissection or ethanol alcohol ablation was a new procedure that could be tried. He suggested that I speak with the endocrinologist about it before making a decision. My husband was shocked by all this as well; it was so devastating for both of us!

Endocrinology Evaluation

I came back to see the Endocrinologist on November 2, 2011; the endocrinologists that I saw were Dr. Greg Lund which is a fellow to Dr. Michael McDermott. They went over my entire history reviewing everything in great detail and I spent nearly an hour talking with them about my case. I really like these doctors and I am very impressed with them as they are very thorough. Although my TSH levels are not exactly where they want me to be at I am slowly, but surely getting there; however, they are going to increase my dosage and then I will follow-up with them in about three months. I came back a week later on November 8, 2011 to have the ultrasound and to also see the sinus specialist, Dr. Todd Kingdom and he was really phenomenal as well. He ordered for me to have a sinus CT scan which I had done a week later.