More Issues

At about the same time I was having issues again with my eye drooping again and also started having eye twitching of my bottom lid on my left eye which occurred very frequently, what seemed to be about every two minutes. I emailed Dr. Song about it and so they had my PCP check my calcium, Vitamin D and parathyroid levels which were all normal. Although my calcium level was borderline low, a few days later I know that it dropped even further as I started having numbness and cramping in my fingers and around my mouth, the same feeling I had right after surgery when my calcium had tanked. I remedied that with some Tums and really pushing in getting enough calcium back into my system. The eye twitching has been a continued problem and is unfortunately just a related nerve issue, just something else to annoy me! Dr. Song explained that the eye droop was just temporary and was due to the nerve being stretched during surgery, but should improve over time. He said that the fact that it comes and goes is an indicator that it is something which is temporary, because if it was there all the time that would be more of a permanent situation.

Additionally, it was time for my annual mammogram and they had to recall me back for further images. OMG, please don’t tell me I may now be dealing with the possibility of breast cancer! We have a history of breast cancer in our family. I have heard of people having both thyroid cancer and getting subsequent breast cancer or vice versa; I was hoping and praying that was not my situation as I always worry about getting secondary cancers, because of the radiation exposure. I think I have had just about enough of this cancer mess! Lucky for me, I went back for those repeat images and thank God all is good! Another bullet dodged!