A boy and a dream…….

This one is too good not to share and I don’t think that my good friend would mind me posting this on my site. An 8-year old boy named Andrew had a dream to do something in which he could help his dad, Rob Bohning who is fighting a rare and incurable Stage 4 Medullary Thyroid Cancer. His idea was to participate in a kid’s triathlon in order to raise funds to help those with this type of thyroid cancer. There is very little funding for research because there is such a small population of those who have it and those pharmaceutical companies don’t have much to gain to fund research for this. So it is up to non-profits and patients themselves to raise funds to research this cancer. It started out as a small dream, but something which turned out bigger than you would imagine. In just a short few weeks’ time, this little boy’s dream was brought to reality and was able to raise nearly $7,000 to research Medullary Thyroid Cancer.

I would have to say that the apple surely doesn’t fall too far from the tree as Andrew has learned well from his dad what it means to persevere and to give everything all you got. Rob Bohning has been such an inspiration for me as well as many others, and who has the drive and determination to keep fighting a disease that thinks it will override him, but time after time he has proven to cancer that it WILL NOT WIN! Here is the Facebook link which chronicles this boy’s wonderful dream that has been brought to light:


As I am writing this, Rob is back at MD Anderson with yet another operation so that doctors can do what is necessary to slow the progression of the cancer. Nevertheless, I am sure that Rob’s Marine training has paid off in helping him to fight yet another war. I pray that God continues to watch over Rob and the many other true cancer warriors who continuously teach us what it means to conquer and overcome and to NEVER surrender!

Anniversary Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

Tomorrow, March 11, 2013, marks the two year anniversary of the devastation which has affected the beautiful country of Japan. This day brings with it a flood of emotions. I am so amazed at the resilience of the people of Japan and how they have picked up the pieces and have come back stronger than ever before imagined! They are a very humble people and I am grateful to know that I have lived in their country and they teach us what it really means to conquer and overcome! Oh, how I miss Japan and its people and I have a special prayer in my heart today for these wonderful people and all those who have been affected by this notable day!