Continuing Reflection

There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to come to Colorado for a reason. Perhaps it is so that I can be an influence for good and make people aware of this cancer and help someone in their path. I have much gratitude for having faced this trial in my life. I am very humbled and grateful to those who have helped me in my path, especially to those healthcare professionals that I have come in contact with throughout this journey. I recognize just how fortunate I am to be at such an outstanding facility with really wonderful doctors and surgeons who truly do care. One thing that has impressed me the most about the care that I have received at UCH is the collaborative team approach that the healthcare providers make excellent use of. I really appreciate the fact that my doctors collaborate with one another so that everyone is on the same page. You don’t have the situation where one doctor tells you one thing and another doctor tells you something entirely different. I feel it is important that those lines of communication remain open and I appreciate the way that they have included me in the decision-making process as well. Dr. Bentz did right by me as he always has, in sending me to Dr. Song and I can never thank him enough for that!