Come January 2013, I had another ultrasound which shows no further growth and so now I am celebrating that and doing the happy dance! About a week after the ultrasound I saw Dr. Song again and he said that he has high hopes that it does not develop into anything more. He did bring up something quite interesting in which he had a patient who had a recurrence happen thirty years later. That just goes to show that this monster can recur at any given moment and is why we need to be very vigilant as it can sneak up on you when you least expect it!

I have watched a recent Webinar that was presented on thyroid surgery and re-surgeries and the ensuing complications that can result to the laryngeal nerves. I was able to really understand the effects that can take place when those nerves are injured. I have also talked with others cancer survivors who have had similar experiences and the lasting effects it has had on their life. Now, I think it truly has sunk in my head what Dr. Song has been telling me over and over and how going back in now would be doing more harm than good! As far as I am concerned he can keep his scalpel as far, far away from me as possible. Keep it tucked away, hidden in a drawer for a long time to come, or better yet he could lose that scalpel permanently! Dr. Song has done the best thing he could possibly do for me by telling me NO – that surgery was not the answer in my situation, even though at times it was hard for me to understand that. Much like a parent disciplines their children for their own good as I have done with my own children many times. The decisions that he has made has been for my own good and now I can really see why and I am so grateful to him for that!

I also followed up with my most amazing endo, whom I absolutely love! It is nice when you are on the same page as your doctors and you don’t have to fight to get what you want as I know many people have struggled in finding the right doctor that really listens to them. That has never been an issue for me at all and I am so fortunate to be at a top-notch facility that is on the forefront of cancer treatment. The great news is that I will only need to be followed with just ultrasound and Tg testing, so no more whole body scans! That is a celebration in itself as I really hate those whole body scans! Hopefully, my TSH can stay suppressed at a level that will keep the cancer at bay and the next testing will be in July. I am coming up on my two-year mark since my TT. It has been an interesting two years and I hope that one day I can be in that category of a long-term survivor.

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