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I started attending meetings in Denver to the ThyCA support group (Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association) since February 2012 and they have been such a source of strength for me. I need to recognize the wonderful facilitators of this group – Carol Condit, JoMarie Bushell and Denise Rivera. These ladies have been so wonderful and welcoming. They have helped me to know the right questions to be asking and all the complex effects that this cancer has on a person. They have provided such great insight and recommendations and I am really glad that I started attending those meetings.

We are so fortunate to have one of the endocrinologist from University of Colorado Hospital, who is able to attend the meetings every few months discussing different issues and that has been so helpful to me. I know that it is a bit of a distance but it is only one day per month and I have been fortunate to schedule appointments around the same day and so it works out for me. I know many people wonder why I would travel that far just to attend a meeting, but for me it is well worth it, because I really needed that local support system to have people who can relate to what I am experiencing and to know that I am not alone in this!

I have also been online to some other support sites as well and have been able to tell others about the wonderful doctors at UCH. Such sites as Inspire, Light of Light Foundation Facebook group, and others as well and have learned so much from everyone there. It has been so wonderful to have a community of people whom you have never met, but yet they understand exactly what you are going through. Many of these individuals have been such a positive light of insight and inspiration for me. I have had to learn a lot about this disease on my own, because doctors simply don’t have the time to tell you everything. These support groups have been such great facilitators in helping others to know what is a normal thing or not and things to be asking your doctors. We inspire one another to keep up the fight and to not let cancer win!

We have lost many members to this awful cancer and yet through all their challenges and trials they continue to be such a positive influence pushing us to keep moving forward and their circumstances never weighs them down. Some of these warriors have literally been to hell and back with all that this cancer has put them through draining them physically and emotionally. Nevertheless, even in their last moments they continue to provide support and hope for others and it is my hope that I can be a light and inspiration like that for others. These support groups have been such a lifeline for me. I feel so privileged to be a part of these groups and appreciate each and every member, because we are uniquely bonded by similar circumstances; support groups are such an important component in dealing with cancer.

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