It is now near the end of August and time for the repeat Ultrasound. Prior to having my appointment, I was just crossing my fingers that I would have a stable exam. Luckily, it showed no growth and my Tg number was low at 0.3. Dr. Song explained that we will continue monitoring the nodule and will repeat the ultrasound in January.

Well now I am starting over with Endo number two as Dr. Lund had to go and graduate from his fellowship and has moved on to another practice. I always seem to lose the good ones! On the other hand, I now have the most amazing Endo, Dr. Mark Bridenstine, another fellow for Dr. McDermott and I hope that he will be around for a while. We went over my entire history bit by bit discussing everything and every possible scenario that could happen. He is so detailed and leaves no stone unturned. This one is definitely a keeper and I truly am blessed to have such an outstanding team of doctors. One thing that I did learn was that the reason my iodine uptake scan did not light up when it really should have, is that I am not avid for iodine and so that treatment really does me no good. I sure wish they would have made that clearer to me before, maybe they had and I just didn’t quite process it. Well this is just great, another complicating factor that makes my treatment protocol and plan even more difficult! Can I ever catch a break here?

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