Moving forward it is now about the end of January 2012 and I had to cancel my previous follow-up with Dr. Kingdom on my sinuses due to the neck dissection and now was doing that follow-up. He looked over my sinus CT scan but this showed something which concerned him with my pituitary gland. OMG, things started playing in my head once again. Has the cancer spread there too? He ordered an MRI which was done on February 2, 2012. During the MRI scan I had this contraption covering my face; I started panicking and felt like I couldn’t breathe! As I stated before, I don’t like closed in spaces. So I just closed my eyes and started counting to get through it. Needless to say that took almost over an hour to do. How I made it through without totally freaking was a sheer miracle. I had to wait for the results for about another week as the docs were out for a meeting. I received a call from his PA, and she explained that the films were looked at by one of the neurology docs and said that I have what is called an Empty Sella syndrome, which makes the pituitary gland appear to look flattened. She stated that it wasn’t anything to worry too much about and could be caused from the radiation; however, the great news is that it’s not related to spread of the cancer. Whew! I dodged that bullet!

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