About a week after surgery was the post-op visit to remove the stitches and I saw one of the residents for that and it was about a week later on Jan 3, 2012 that I followed up with Dr. Song. He explained that all that was found on the pathology was nothing but scar tissue; he felt that it was lying on top of the laryngeal nerve under very extensive scar tissue, as he had explained to me while I was in the hospital. So now the plan is to rescan me again two months to see what that shows. I really have to commend Dr. Song as he did a remarkable job using the original incision for the second neck dissection. The current scar is much smaller than the original scar and now you can hardly even tell. I must admit that I have some pretty talented surgeons!

One major downside is that he has restricted me to only light cardio for two weeks. Are you freaking kidding me? I was able to go back to the gym much sooner the last time when I had the first surgery. I really don’t like it when people mess with my gym time/activity, my family knows all too well just how unpleasant I can be when that happens! He says that it is for my own protection, to prevent any internal bleeding from occurring. I guess I will go along with it even though I am NOT happy about it! Really, what choice do I have? However, I don’t need any more complications. When someone is used to running nearly every day and then you have to suddenly stop running that is a hard pill to swallow, it was like telling me not to breathe. The next two weeks watching others run was really hard and I wanted to run so badly I could just taste it. When I finally was able to run, that felt so awesome, like the best run I’ve ever had and now it feels good to be back in the game!

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