Follow-up Care

Even while still in the hotel, I made arrangements to set up care with primary doctors and the specialists that Dr. Bentz had referred me to. They were located at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, CO. It was October 26, 2011, I remember doing the drive to Denver and it was snowing already. I ended up parking in the wrong place and found myself on the University Medical School campus as the GPS had directed me wrong.

Finally, I found where I was supposed to be and I remember thinking, wow this is a big university hospital! The patient parking was a nightmare trying to find a spot, so then I finally went and used the free valet parking service. The receptionists and nurses seemed very friendly and I felt at ease. I brought all my medical records with me, which is practically a novel in itself along with copies of all my scans that I had done. At first I was seen by the resident doctors who reviewed all my history and finally Dr. Song came into the room. I was quite impressed with this doctor and I feel very lucky to be at such top-notch facility with such an incredible doc. It is ironic that his last name is Song and since my TT I haven’t been able to carry a tune too well, nothing at all like I used to. Since having the RAI, I really had not had any follow-up scans so he ordered lab tests and an ultrasound. Dr. Song also referred me to the endocrinologists who were in the same location of the hospital.

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