Back in Japan

I had my letter from Nuclear Medicine that stated I had been given RAI if I set off the monitors in the airport. I left Utah on May 27, 2011 and I was never happier to board a plane and be on my way back to my family. That was such a happy day to finally be on the land of Japan once again! However, I did have to spend the night in Haneda as I didn’t quite make it for the last flight to Misawa; the next morning I arrived in Misawa. Oh, how I missed all the green and beauty of Japan and the people. Finally, I was back with my family! When I came back, my husband would hardly let me out of his sight. I can’t blame him though, that separation was really difficult, and I guess I would be doing the same thing if roles were reversed.

Little did I know, that my arrival back in Japan would be short-lived. We knew with my cancer diagnosis and the fact that we were due to rotate back to the United States, that we could be leaving Japan shortly. I came back to Japan at the end of May and we got orders in July to transfer back to the state of Colorado. That was not too far from our family. I was very sad to leave Japan as I had just returned! It is just so heart wrenching having to say goodbye to so many good friends. So now we had to get ready for the move and I started going through all our belongings and trying to discard out old things. How do you discard thirteen years’ worth of belongings? We were busy over the next few months getting ready for the move. Finally, with much reservation I put in my resignation for the schools; they had held my job for me and I was ready to start substitute teaching again!



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