Japan’s Devastation

I bounced back from surgery fairly quickly and was back working out in the gym the next day after I saw my surgeon for post op. I was so glad to finally be back in the gym and that felt like the most awesome workout! I think the reason that I bounced back so quickly is the fact that I have been so active prior to the surgery.

The next day was really hard for me…….I had to put my husband back on the plane to Japan as he needed to get back to work. I was left behind once again!

The day that my husband left was on March 3, 2011 and then later the following week on March 11, 2011, was the 9.0 magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan! That day was the same day as my mother’s birthday; she will now have to share her birthday with Japan’s devastation.   My husband and daughters lived through and survived that nightmare! I was getting ready to go to the gym when my dad said “You need to look at this” where on his computer screen was the news article about the Earthquake and Tsunami. I was frantically trying to dial my family in Japan. It was a sheer miracle that I was able to get through as most of all the cell towers went down. They were sitting in our house with no lights, no heat but were with each other. I had just talked with my husband about an hour previous to the earthquake hitting! I prayed that they would be kept safe.   It was such a good thing that before I left I had just ensured that our emergency kit was up-to-date and available to use.

Watching the videos on the news is just so horrible what everyone is experiencing right now. At least my family was not located near the epicenter in Sendai, which had extensive damage to the area and is located approximately four hours from where we live. Jerome was the acting GM for the Exchange during this time, as his boss was on leave. Our daughters were at the Exchange at the time that the Earthquake hit. Jerome quickly had everyone evacuated from the building. The community of Misawa came to be a Command Center where the Relief teams were centered. This is such a sad situation for this beautiful country. However, at least they are not a poverty stricken nation like Haiti and I think that they will have the means to rebuild. I think that this is harder being separated from my family than going through the surgery. I have really come to appreciate all that is precious to me – my family!

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