First Surgery

While coming to the states I also had another surgery done prior to my total thyroidectomy. I guess you could say that was another silver lining. I needed to get a cyst removed from my foot which was pressing on a nerve. I had several months of issues with it and was relieved that it was finally going to be taken care of. While back in Misawa, I was waiting on a referral to see a specialist about this issue and so now I am really grateful that this was finally being dealt with. I had that surgery on February 2, 2011 at University of Utah hospital by another great surgeon, Dr. Florian Nickisch. He was in the same practice as, Dr. Timothy Beals, the orthopedic surgeon which we had brought our daughter, Chelsie to in 2004 when she had a severe dislocation of her ankle, which required further extensive surgery. Dr. Nickisch was very comforting as he was aware that I was sent back to the states for cancer evaluation. I was not able to put weight on my foot for about two weeks and had to use crutches to get around. It was approximately two weeks after having the foot surgery that they removed the stitches and I was able to ditch the crutches. The good news is that I will not have to do physical therapy. They have given me exercises to stretch and strengthen my foot and unless I have any further problems I should be good to go and not require regular physical therapy.

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